Knowledge Center

1. Expert technical support

With over four decades of experience in underfloor heating, we can provide the technical support and expertise our customers and other partners need to better apply and maximise the performance of our underfloor heating systems. Such partners include new and existing customers, climate advisors, architects and engineers, but also non-installer groups, such as social housing organisations, wholesalers, developers and energy companies. This resource is accessible across a range of formats, including discussion sessions, onsite inspection, seminars, conference participation and digital content.

We’re invested in increasing technical expertise and product familiarity among specifiers, installers, employees, authorities and other stakeholders.

2. Transfer of knowledge

Training both our employees and installers is a crucial step in improving system and product knowledge in a sector that is technically challenging and continues to advance. From inside our center and on location, we expand underfloor heating expertise and product familiarity while addressing installation issues with insights gained from inside our organisation and beyond.

3. Resource base

As market leaders, we continue to research the industry, including regulatory developments, to benefit our product offering and the underfloor heating sector as a whole. Our knowledge center has a vital part in this by leading technical product studies with third-party authorities, such as Kiwa. Research findings serve as a valuable resource and provide insight into potential new products and components. Moreover, our center plays a critical role in documenting and solving the more complex technical system issues on-site, in cases where both installers and technical service advisors call for specialist assistance.

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